Smoked Hawaiian Style (Portagee) Sausage Recipe

Smoked Hawaiian Style (Portagee) Sausage Recipe

Hawaiians often refer to this style of sausage as ‘Portagee Sausage’ (no insult intended). Portagaee sausage is the Hawaiian variation of Portuguese Linguica. It is sweeter and not as “hot” as the original Linguica-style sausages. The formula was developed as a result of my tasting several different version of Hawaiian sausages and selecting my favorite flavours.

From Kamanodental


2 ¼ Lb pork butt

¾ Lb fat back

2 Tsp salt

6 Tbsp cane sugar, brown

2 Tbsp paprika

1 Tsp Phosphates (optional)

½ Tsp Instacure #1

2 Tsp garlic - granulated

1 Tsp anise - ground

4 Tbsp pineapple juice

3 Tbsp soy sauce

1 Tbsp hot sauce-optional (I like to use red Italian pepper flakes)

32 Mm hog casings


Cut the meat and fat into cubes, partially freeze, then grind them together through the medium plate of the grinder.

Combine the salt, Instacure # 1, and phosphate with the pineapple juice; stir well to dissolve and then mix in well with the meats.

Sprinkle sugar, paprika, garlic and anise over the meats; pour in the soy sauce and hot sauce and mix well.

Refrigerate 12 hours to develop flavors in the meat.

Stuff into 32 mm hog casings; tied off in pairs–8 inches long.

Air dry the casings; a small fan helps out here.

Place in a 160°F preheated smoker; apply a light smoke and hold until the internal temperature of the sausage is 150°F (use your smoking method if different).

Cool at room temperature; then refrigerate (extras can be vacuum sealed and frozen).