Level Up Your BBQ Season with the World-Class Bradley Smoker P10

Level Up Your BBQ Season with the World-Class Bradley Smoker P10

Posted on: October 04, 2023

Take BBQ Season Up a Notch with the World-Class Bradley Smoker P10 by making authentic smoked recipes in your own backyard.

Take BBQ Season Up a Notch with the World-Class Bradley Smoker P10 by making authentic smoked recipes in your own backyard.

The World-Class Bradley Smoker P10 is fully automatic load up your Bisquettes® then smoke for up to 10 hours. Completely insulated and digital, you choose the time, temperature and amount of smoke.

You get consistent, deliciously-smoked results. Every time.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a weekend warrior who simply enjoys entertaining, you’re going to love this all-new, large-capacity Bradley smoker. With its sleek design and advanced features, this world-class bad boy raises the bar when it comes to hot smoking.

The P10 is the Only Smoker You’ll Ever Need

The Bradley 4 Rack 1000W P10 Smoker is perfect for professional chefs or food smoking aficionados looking to master hot food smoking in a large-capacity Bradley smoker.

No babysitting, no hassles, no worries.

The Professional P10 electric Bradley Smoker is a sleek and contemporary way of slow cooking and smoking your food to perfection. This electric smoker comes with a built-in smoke generator which automatically loads bisquettes into the hopper. This is to ensure that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate whilst cooking.

This smoker could not be easier to use!

Simply set it to the desired temperature and time and then you can sit back and enjoy your day. Let the professional P10 cook your food up to 10 hours at a time without the need to refill wood.

This smoker features 4 chrome-plated racks but has the space for 5 in its huge 76-litre capacity oven. This smoker can be controlled using the programmable digital display to set the smoking time, oven time and cooking temperatures.

The p10 allows you to create or download up to 50 different mouthwatering recipes onto a USB stick which the smoker can then read. This information includes cooking times and temperatures that can be programmed into the oven to automatically cook your desired dish.

The Benefits of Using the P10

The P10 features 4 large racks, 1000W heating elements, the ability to smoke for up to 10 hours with no refill, insulation, and professional-grade 76L stainless steel body design.

The features of Bradley’s first hot smoker:

  • A large capacity electric food smoker
  • Programmable digital controls
  • 4x chrome-plated racks included, space for 5 racks
  • Cooking area: 76 litres
  • Cooking temperatures: 30 º C – 160º C / 86 º F – 320º F
  • Built-in smoke generator
  • Can smoke for up to 10 hours with no wood refill
  • 2 built in food probes, for a perfect doneness
  • Stainless steel interior with rack supports
  • Create or download up to 50 recipes onto a USB
  • Four adjustable feet for added stability
  • Drip tray included
  • 12-month warranty

The P10 smoker’s perfect internal operating temperature ranges from 30 º C – 160º C, which converts to 86 º F – 320º F. And improved temperature accuracy which feature additional PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controlled heating.

Why Bradley Smokers Deliver the Purest Smoke

The taste of smoked food is achieved by only using the finest sawdust of different woods available. Our pure wood Bisquettes have the same exact standards every time. Burning for the perfect time, so it won’t impart the harsh flavour from ash!

Each Bisquette is extinguished by water when it is finished doing its thing, this process makes you the finest smoked food possible.

In Conclusion

When you use a Bradley you not only can taste the difference, but you will see the difference.

Buy the Bradley Smoker P10 today to enjoy the backyard smoking experience with your family.

Visit our website today at bradleysmoker.com for more information on the P10.

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