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Smoked Oktober Fest Venison Bratwurst Recipe

Oktober Fest in Germany is a festivity that is close to the hearts of most Germans and people around the world. The Oktober Fest consists mainly out of two things: drinking a lot of beer and eat a lot of bradwurst.

So here is your recipe for the Oktoberfest weekend: Smoked Bradwurst!!



5 Lbs pork shoulder

5 Lbs venison (elk, deer, antelope) or (veal)

1 Pt. heavy whip cream

1 Large egg

3 Tbsp salt

2 Tbsp sugar

1 Tbsp white ground pepper

1 Tsp mace ground

1 Tsp ground coriander

1 Tsp ground nutmeg

32 Mm hog casings


Grind all meat through a plate. Put ground meat into a shallow pan and refrigerate at 38-40ºF for an hour.

Stir the cream, egg and all the remaining ingredients and thoroughly mix together. Remove the meat paste from the refrigerator and mix it all together thoroughly.

Stuff into Hog casing twisting at 4-5 in lengths.

Refrigerate sausage overnight to develop flavor.

Move to pre-heated 130ºF Bradley Smoker. Smoke at 130ºF for one hour and raise the temperature to 140ºF to smoke for an additional hour. Cut the smoke off and raise the temperature to 170ºF. When the internal temp of the sausage is at 160ºF sausage is done.

Remove from Bradley Smoker and put into an ice water bath. Take it out of the ice bath when the internal temperature of the sausage lowers to 110ºF.

NOTE: A Bradley Digital Thermometer is required for monitoring the internal temperature of the sausage. This will prevent you from opening the door of your
smoker, causing heat loss when checking the internal temperature of the sausage.